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At DISTRICT High Performance, we pride ourselves on consistent delivery of quality service in an environment that stimulates progressive ideas and personal growth. We are eager to connect with qualified individuals in the areas of sports performance, athletic training and physical therapy to further build our team.

Sports Performance Coach

The preferred candidate will have between 1-3 years of experience with at minimum a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science, Sports Medicine, Exercise Physiology or a related field with CPR/AED certification.

Additional Reccomended Certifications/Studies:

CSCS, CES, PES, Precision Nutrition, Postural Restoration Institute, USA Weightlifting

DHP Internship Program

The DHP Internship is a 12 week immersive program offering hands-on experience working with elite athletes in a high performance environment. DISTRICT High Performance is looking for highly motivated individuals to assist with daily operations, facilitate training programs with clients, and contribute to the long term growth of the company and evolution of our methodology. Qualified candidates will be current students or graduates of an accredited undergraduate program in exercise science, exercise physiology, sports medicine, athletic training, or a related field. The ideal intern will bring energy and creativity to our team. Successful candidates will gain an in-depth understanding of the foundations of sports performance and strength and conditioning before being introduced to advanced integrations of sport science and neuroscience.


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