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MISSION | To deliver proven results through advanced coaching systems to motivated individuals pursuing the best version of themselves.

The DISTRICT Training Facility is a data-driven coaching company specializing in transformative results for high performers in fitness, life and sport. Our team of leading professionals drives client success through the use of specialized equipment and advanced systems for training, nutrition and recovery.


As professionals in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine, Daniel Bulay and Scott Gunter met while working as independent contractors growing their individual businesses in personal training and sports performance. As the founder of "The Strength District," Dan was creating a community of clients achieving sustainable body and mind transformations while Scott's athletes were seeing success at the highest levels of sport including professional football and the Olympics through his company, "Gunter Performance."

"With a shared drive to prioritize client results, we sought to create a space where clients of all levels could come together to discover their potential. As defined, a "District" is a collective place that shares a common characteristic or purpose. Our purpose is to advocate for research-backed coaching methods, to dedicate to furthering the education of our team, and to commit to evolving the client experience.

The District Training Facility was built to fulfill that purpose.


Since opening our doors in July 2021, we continue to offer an environment where our clients are unified as top performers in career, life, and sport. With coaches dedicated to furthering their craft and bringing the best information our industry has to offer, The District is an ever-evolving facility designed with our client's success at the forefront." 




-Scott Gunter, Co-Founder/Co-Owner        Daniel Bulay, Co-Founder/Co-Owner 

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