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The DISTRICT Training Facility offers specialized coaching in weight loss, strength, and sports performance to motivated individuals seeking results, expertise, and community with a coaching team committed to client success.



The Gym

2,000 Sq foot private training facility located in East Hanover, NJ.


Founded in 2021 by Daniel Bulay and Scott Gunter, the District Training Facility unites hybrid coaching and sports performance with the common goal of raising the standard of training.


Specialized Equipment

The DISTRICT was designed with the vision of bringing the amenities of professional and collegiate strength facilities to the private sector:


-Custom Sorinex Racks (Made in USA)

-15 yards custom lined athletic turf

-Vertimax Raptor Resistance Training System

-Rack Mounted Training Software

-Limited Edition DigiCamo TRX Suspension Trainers

-RepONE Velocity Based Training technology

-Rogue IWF standard Black KG plates



Therabody Prep. Station

Featuring Theragun PRO percussive therapy devices with Customizable Speed Range and Responsive Force Meters for personalized muscle treatment before activity.


Hyperice Recovery Lounge

As a leader in the recovery industry, Hyperice outfits global corporations and professional athletic facilities with recovery products designed to help you move and feel better. The District offers heat, cold, compression and vibration technology including:

-Normatec Pulse 2.0 (Leg and Hip Compression)

-Hypervolt by Hyperice (Percussive Therapy)

-Hyperice Venom (Heat & Vibration Therapy)

-Compex Muscle Stimulation

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