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Pilot Part 1: Introductions | The Mental Rep: A DISTRICT Podcast

You are what you eat, and you become what you listen to. Whether you're an athlete or an executive, you recognize that nutrition, training, and recovery are vital to your sanity and boosted performance. The challenge is balancing these elements along with life stressors. How do you become independently knowledgeable in a field you have no knowledge in? Just as you would get the reps in to build muscle, you must get your Mental Rep in to build your knowledge on all things pertaining to nutrition, training, and recovery so you can make informed decisions when your coach or trainer is not around. Hang out with us in a roundtable podcast as we discuss different topics backed by science, applied by professionals, and delivered in layman’s terms for you to digest. I'm Jorge Diaz Strength and Fitness Coach with a background in Accounting and Insurance with cohosts Scott Gunter ATC | CSCS | USAW | Pn1 | FMSC | RPR Pro, Daniel Bulay CPT | USAW | Certified Nutrition Specialist, and Niel Puertollano Weightlifting and Fitness Coach with a background in Exercise Science.

Pilot Part I: Introduction

Featuring: Jorge Diaz, Scott Gunter, Daniel Bulay, Niel Puertollano

Welcome to The Mental Rep, a DISTRICT Podcast! In this first part of a two-part episode, meet your coaches. Learn about what got them into fitness in the first place, what they know, how they know it, and more. Join us every Monday while the guys answer all your questions about nutrition, training, recovery, and more!

Available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Youtube: The Mental Rep: A DISTRICT Production.

Produced by Erick Diaz

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